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Brand protection

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The band is an identifying symbol, logo, mark, word, sentence, or name used by an organization to distinguish their product from the other organization, and if you protect your brand name legally then it's called a trademark. The brand is the most important asset of the business as it’s a face of an organization and it makes your product or service different from others. A company's brand carries a monetary value in the stock market, which affects stockholder value as it rises and falls.

The brand is the most valuable asset of the business as it discriminates your product or the company in the market from the other competitors and while hiring or training the workforce it is important to keep in mind that they cannot open a similar business in your marketplace. Protect your brand with a non-compete agreement so the hired person cannot leave your business and immediately open the same business in your marketplace.

What is Brand Protection in India?

A brand is an invisible impression in consumer's minds regarding the credit and the qualities of the business services and business product. It’s a perception that the business spends valuable resources to promote their brands in order to increase their profitability and revenue and with the widespread use of the internet all over the world. It is very easy to destroy a brand and it could happen very fast, so it has become more important to keep sharp-eyed on protecting your brand.

Brand protection services also prevent brand abuse and in the beginning, you find your brand pirate exciting and you think that you have made it as other companies have started copying your product, but it’s an alarming point for you that the situation can be turned to the point where your customer is not able to realize that whether they are getting the fake or original product from the market and after buying the fake product they will blame you for the poor quality of the product.

It is the process through which the intellectual property (IP) of the companies and their copyright pirates, infringers, and brands against counterfeiters and some other type of IP such as color mark, trade dress, design rights, and many more and it does not only protect the loss of revenue but also the company fundamentally and company image.

Brand protection is very important, especially for e-commerce websites as it, adopt online brand protection services to monitor the platforms for counterfeit goods and with the jump up in technology solutions, monitoring a brand in the online space has become a reality, Monitoring these platforms for counterfeit goods by hand is an unrewarding task, as with everything online, or leaving no trace to be used as evidence.

Manufacturers also consider copyright as a tool of brand protection, copyright protection is available for primary work of origination such as music, visual art, and literary works, graphic logos, advertisements, can be protected by the copyright if they show a minimum amount of creativity.

What is Digital Brand Protection?

Digital brand protection also plays an important role in the growth of the business, as when you involve a brand protection platform in the business then aren’t just protect your business from the negative consequences but you also authorize it to get your business stronger and grow faster. Here are some points listed below through which you will understand that how Brand protection also helps the business to grow fast.

What is Brand counterfeiting?

Brand counterfeiting brings a big impact on your business as it taints reputation, it also affects the consumer resource of the business, it also affects the brand sales plummet, and the partner also loses trust.

Having a brand conceptual property protected is necessary and every brand should have its own strategies to get rid of the brand Counterfeiters. It is very determined when it comes to targeting that companies that they think benefiting from, it does not stop at any point and uses every tactic to inventory to stay in the business.

Piracy and Counterfeiting are spreading very fast all over the world and it also affects the economy of the country. Representing a multi-Billion dollar industry world while that continues to grow. So it calculates the size of the Counterfeiting and Piracy that helps you to understand the problem and also helps to related social costs. It also helps the policymaker to target counterfeiting and piracy.

Worldly-wise technology required only a few information such as logo and brand name description of the goods to searched and this technical solution is a thousand times faster and authentic than the kindred search done by the hand, so for those brand owners who are seeking to minimize the time spent on searching and instead take down counterfeiters it really is a no brainer.

What is Brand abuse?

Brand abuse refers to the outside party transgress on the brand's intellectual property that orders to take the advantage of its respected character. It comes in many forms, but not limited to:

  • Trademark squatting
  • Social Media Impersonation
  • Patent Theft
  • Rogue websites
  • Counterfeiting
  • Copyright Piracy

A brand is an invisible impression in consumer's minds regarding the credit and the qualities of the business services and business product. It’s a perception that the business spends valuable resources to promote their brands in order to increase their profitability and revenue and with the widespread use of the internet all over the world. It is very easy to destroy a brand and it could happen very fast, so it has become more important to keep sharp-eyed on protecting your brand.

Why brand protection is important?

  • Brand protection frees up the time for designers, inventors, and other people in the business.
  • It protects the online brand leads to improve the sales by removing the inexpensive counterfeits.
  • Brand protection helps to remove the low-quality imitations from the marketplace and authentic products will be seen as more reliable and of higher quality.
  • It protects the creative work of the business by others.
  • Retailers, Distributors, and other partners will take more interest to engage in partnerships.
  • Brand protection helps to improve the reputation of the business.
  • Brand protection helps to improve the reputation of the business.
  • Brand protection solidify the product’s status in both the industry and the market

What Brand Protection Services?

The services that are offered by the Venus consulting solutions can be summed up as four general processes:

  • Detection: In this service, we find the infringements online and this includes the counterfeit listing on a rogue website, an impersonating social media profile, or an E-Commerce, along with the other forms of infringement.
  • Validation: Under this service, we ensure that the product that is labeled with the infringements are truly infringements and it's an important step of the image of the brand. Employee validation is also important that authentic companies are not penalized by mistake while trying to enforce IP rights.
  • Enforcement: It removes IP infringements online and it also includes removing the infringing product listed on an online marketplace, closing the imitation account from social media and taking down a rogue website
  • Reporting: The final stage of a brand protection service. It refs to present the information that is actionable and useful to stay aware of the status of intellectual property online, and then to improve the process of brand protection in the future.

Benefits of brand protection:-

  • It helps you to make your place in the saturated market.
  • It provides credibility to the business
  • With a clear brand, you can charge what you're worth.
  • It helps to grain the customer trust
  • Branding is equal to Consistency.
  • It leads the way of returning customers referrals.
  • It helps to attract the ideal clients.
  • Branding saves the time and money of the business for the long run
  • Branding will give you confidence in your business.
  • Established branding makes it easier to introduce new products or services.
  • It clears the strategy for moving forward.

What are the checklists of brand protection?

  • Choose a business name and check availability: - Before choosing a name for your business first research the industry and the market, check your competitions, go through the internet and search the trademark register to confirm that the name you are choosing is to same from another company.
  • Check the availability of domain names:- You can use online domain registrar websites to check the availability of domain names that you have selected for your business.
  • Get trademark protection for all your brand assets: - After designing the logo and slogan for your business. Get to register your trademarks, a trademark is also an asset of the business that will be valued when your business is acquired which can need legal proof that this trademark belongs to you. So, it’s important to register your trademark.
  • Design your brand assets:- Develop your brand identity, design the logo for the business, select website template, design business card, select the band color and fonts, and other brand collateral that is needed.
  • Register your trademark: - after deciding the brand name for your product, you should apply for the registration of your trademark.
  • Check social media channel availability: - use an online name checker or search on internet channels that will suggest too many names for your social media channels.
  • Reserve your business name at the company registry in your country:- Once you find a unique name for your business then just go and reserve your company name, but reserving the name doesn’t give you the right to use the name you have to follow one more step and get register your trademark.

How VCS helps you to protect the brand?

Venus consulting solutions is a Brand protection company that endeavoring to bring betterment to the investigation process so that people can get the information in just one click. There are so many cases that come to light that are related to brand protection and IP theft and we are the best corporate investigation agency in this regard. We deliver inclusive investigation reports on the investigation process. There are various reasons which make our organization better than others which are listed below:

  • Professional Team of Corporate Investigators
  • Latest and up-to-date Technology Usage
  • 100% Privacy Assured
  • Detailed Report and solutions provider
  • We have the best ghost shoppers.

Our team is manufactured to delivering the best possible outcomes which can give you the complete data and details of intellectual property theft, trademark, and infringement, opportunities, and risk related to your business. When you get the report on brand protection and IP theft investigations then you are able to take appropriate action against the offender.

We are always with you to safeguard the prestige of your organization by checking only real product and services should deliver to the market. In our team, we have the fraud investigation to identify that any kind of trademark and copyright infringement is happening with your organization or not, and if it is going then we perform effective and accepted brand protection investigation to safeguard your company prestige.

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